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Meet us at Farmers Markets!

We do markets at Mar Vista(Sun), Manhattan Beach(Tue), Santa Monica(Wed) and Santa Barbara(Sat).

Magical Grapes Original Tee

Will be available this August!

Season 2021

Hello again! //やってきました!

🇺🇸Wait is over! The markets will start on August 1st!
It depends on the weather, but we plan to have around 5 weeks.

Thank you very much for visiting us every year.

Updated on 7/28; Thank you for your preorders, Black Beat Grapes is sold out for pick up in a day. We have a few for walkin.




Farmers Markets // ファーマーズマーケット

🇺🇸There are 4 places, the same as last year.

Sun) Mar Vista 9am-2pm
Tue) Manhattan Beach 11am-3pm
Wed) Santa Monica 8am-1pm
Sat) Santa Barbara 8am -1pm

Please see the official website for details such as the address and regulation.


日曜 マービスタ 9am - 2pm
火曜 マンハッタンビーチ 11am - 3pm
水曜 サンタモニカ 8am - 1pm
土曜 サンタバーバラ 8am -1pm


Pre-order // ご予約

🇺🇸 In recent years, there was a line even before the start, and you had to wait for a while, or it might be sold out in the middle of the market.
Even though we had you come all the way to buy grapes, sometimes we couldn't sell them because they were sold out, which made us feel so sorry.

Until last year, we used to accept reservations via DM on Instagram, but due to the increase in the number of reservations, it has become difficult to manage with DM.

Therefore, from this year, we will accept pre-order sales on this site to ensure that you get grapes.
Of course, we also sell over-the-counter, but sometimes it sells out fast.
If you want to make sure you buy it, we recommend pre-ordering here. (Starting from 7/26)

If you have a reservation, you can pick up the grapes at any time during the market opening hours.

🇯🇵 近年は、マーケットによっては開始前から行列ができて、しばらくお待ちいただくこともあり、マーケット途中で完売することもありました。




About Grapes // ぶどうについて

🇺🇸 There are three grades for each grape variety, depending on the size and shape of the bunch. There is no difference in taste. Just size and looks.

We will start season with Shinano Smile and Black Beat, and add late varieties according to the ripeness of the grapes.

● Grape schedule 🍇

Shinano Smile - August
Black Beat - Early August
Shine Muscat - Mid to Late August
Oriental Star - Late August to Early September
Queen Nina - Late August to Early September

It may change slightly depending on the weather and inventory.
We will update the latest information on Instagram as well.




シナノスマイル 8月中
ブラックビート 8月上旬のみ
シャインマスカット 8月中旬〜下旬
オリエンタルスター 8月下旬〜9月上旬
クイーンニーナ 8月下旬〜9月上旬


About Price

🇺🇸 we had to raise the price of grapes to cover the soaring prices of thing due to the corona disaster, and more we were hit hard with the huge expense caused by the breakdown of our agricultural water pump happened in June ($30K fix😭 ) .

Thank you for your understanding.
We would like to express our sincere gratitude for the support of tiny family farmers.



See you at the markets!

🇺🇸It's been a long time, but I look forward to working with you again this year!


Seiji & Chiho Morimoto

The Grape makes you smile.

Our signature "Shinano Smile" Grapes has very sweet and complex taste, with a lot of fragrance like wine.

Grown from Scratch!